How To Play

The images on Mystic Keys are unlike normal images. Each one has been carefully crafted by a master artist to amplify a spiritual energy latent within the universe. With practice, it’s possible to harness these energies to enhance every aspect of your life.

There are three key steps involved in unlocking the powers of a Mystic Key:


The process of studying the image with your eyes open, appreciating and contemplating its finest details. This is most effective when you're holding or touching the card.


The process of visualizing a card’s image using your imagination. This does not require you to be touching a card, however its effect is most powerful when you close your eyes and hold the card near your forehead.


The process of contemplating the hidden messages and savouring the emotions depicted in an image. This can be performed with or without looking at the image.

Anyone who may claim to know the best process for unlocking the power of a Mystic Key is lying. The way in which the power reveals itself is different for every person. Some people will need to perform a ritual to unlock its power, while others may only have to glance at it. Some people require the presence of friends for it to work, while many are only able to experience it alone.