Our Story

Record Set Shed is, first and foremost, a shed. It is a secret hideaway where we set high scores, derive inspiration, and make killer video games. Formed out of a love of games, and a like of each other, Philip and Christoff Bemis built Record Set Shed with the mission to create new, original games and life-validating experiences.

With influences from early adventure games and interactive fiction, RPG, DOS shareware, QBasic, and the Nintendo canon, we program and design games from scratch in our own unique way. We know first hand what an extraordinary interactive experience can do to a player - and we seek to create the same in our playership.

Our creativity and passion for games, and our respect for our players set us apart. We believe that history will view games as a unique and powerful part of our cultural story traditions.

Our games will always be fun, challenging, quirky and 99.4% original, and we may just live forever.

- Philip & Christoff

Phil Beta

Program, Art & Music


Story & Dialogue