Mystic Keys



Conjure your dreams.

Spell cards. These cards are used to attract anything you want more of in your life. Whether it is wealth, health, adoration or more, if you desire it, there is a fortune card for it. By meditating upon the image, you increase the likelihood of it appearing to you in real life.


Befriend the gods.

Portrait cards. By meditating upon the image, the character depicted will become your spiritual guardian giving you access to their unique personality traits to help you in your daily life.


Explore the universe within.

Landscape cards. These cards depict serene fantasy landscape of all varieties. By meditating upon the image, you will gain spiritual dominion over the depicted scenery allowing it to become a place you can visit in your imagination any time you choose.


Face the darkness.

Event cards. These card depict events taking place that are of strong emotional significance to the characters involved. By contemplating its imagery, you are able to gain insight into difficult emotional situations and hopefully find ways to overcome them.