Mystic Keys

Spirit Bonding

Spirit Bonds are special relationships that can be formed with cards to multiply their spiritual effects. If you possess multiple spirit bonds with a single card, only the most powerful bond is activated.

Blood Bond

Blood bonds can only be obtained by being the first person to lay their eyes upon a card. To prevent someone else from bonding with a card before you, each Mystic Key is protected by a golden Spirit Seal that must be removed to reveal the image.

Soul Bond

A soul bond can be formed with any card, even if you are not its first owner. To obtain a soul bond, you must possess the card for at least one year.

Heart Bond

A heart bond is formed when a player possesses both a blood bond and a soul bond with a card.

Heart bonds are the ultimate goal for most collectors.

Sacred Bond

A sacred bond is the rarest and most powerful form of spirit bond. A sacred bond can only be obtained by discovering an undocumented Mystic Key. In order for this bond to be made official, you must submit a photo of your card for authentication. If genuine, the card’s description will be revealed online along with the name of the person who discovered it.