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Little Caves: The Legend of Princess Pixel

Official Walkthrough

By Plato


Buzz buzz! Wakey wakey, young fly! An adventure lies before you that will test your skills at solving puzzles and chilling.

I thought this might be a kids game when I first picked it up. But it goes to show you can’t tell a book by its cover. From the beginning, the sound, story, wit and attention to detail really make something great from a pretty simple (albeit strikingly original) concept.

You are an unnamed fly, waking in your house, only to learn that the mysterious Princess Pixel has been kidnapped! (I personally felt refreshed by the straight forward story, this is an iPad, not a kindle fire. Little Caves isn’t complicated, but it’s deep)

Journey down the ant hill with Hank, your fruit fly sidekick and discover the mysteries of Little Caves! You’ll literally go from an underground dining room, to an Apollo rocket, to an alligator’s brain, to an ancient spaceship and even the past, all the while listening to grooving and enchanting tunes.

Little Caves is a game of exploration. It’s the classic “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” Because this game autosaves you can pick up and put down this game easily. I like to steal time to play it on the bus (be sure to use headphones!)

Welcome to Little Caves: The Legend of Princess Pixel! Thanks for coming to share this truly awesome game with me! I noticed that little caves: the legend of princess pixel walkthrough was a big google hit, and it didn’t look like there were any! As a fan of for many years, I thought I’d finally pay the goodwill forward. 

Spoiler Notes

This walkthrough. by it’s nature, contains spoilers. I really don’t want to spoil this game for anyone. I feel that people should play this game through using only their own intuition. However, I recognize that some people will just never get through this game without a walkthrough, and I really want people to be able to enjoy this game. I haven’t enjoyed a game this much since Earthbound, and I want people to play it. 

Thus, I have included only the basic, fastest route to beat the game. Any deviation is up to you, and I greatly encourage it! I’ll hint at the major things as we go by so we don’t miss ‘em (unless you really aren’t paying attention, right?) 

Making a walkthrough for a maze game is also very difficult, so I will limit myself to tips for completing the mazes yourself. I believe in you! You really can solve any of the mazes, even the Carnival of Misfit Mazes! 

Now… Behold! My Walkthrough!!!!!


Little Caves uses a floating joystick control, so wherever you touch, there’s the center point of your joystick. Drag your finger to pivot the joystick in the direction you choose.

Basic movement is one finger, and is quite quick. This is useful when you know where you’re going, but can sometimes be too fast. Add a second finger to slow it all down a touch. This is especially useful is mazes you can’t see very clearly.

The only other control is “Bag” which glows when you are in a location in which an item can be activated. All items can be used to some effect in all item activation locations, but only the correct one will produce more than a humorous quip.


Home is where the fly is?

Start the game by tapping on the “play” button. Or wait a minute an hear the theme song…

The lights go up and you are awake! Where to?

You could try the door, or exploring the rooms, but your route is down. This maze really isn’t that tricky. When you get to the toilet… go down! FLUSH!!

Now you’re in some little caves, for real. You can’t go up the down drips here, so follow the paths through the water (don’t worry you won’t drown!), down and to the left until you get to the fire.

Try lighting it up! Quick! Put yourself out! (…or don’t…)

Continue through the next room, push the log out of the way (splash!), go up the revealed path and get ready for the first groovy cutscene.

Apparently, this dot-looking fly wants to bring you to the princess… ok… grasshoppers in the ant kingdom… check…

And you have a friend now!

There’s almost nothing to the right, except some things and one really important thing, so fly left… Take a seat, if you’d like, but keep continuing left. Talk to a duck, if you’d like, but keep continuing left. 

Hint fish… won’t need those…

The mountain of mystery looms before you! Enter the mountain with no fear!

Go up, then cross from dark to light, and down and up and cross to dark near the highest pool.

You did it! Through this crazy pantry… fresh air! Weird turtle, huh? Left! Huh? What’s that in the water near that unicorn? Hurry! We’re nearly to the Princess! 

Oh man…. this is bad…


The real journey begins! Are you warmed up? Then… left! Now you’ll come to the treacherous ant hill. Take the water tunnels just before the hill to get onto a dark path. Push the small rock onto the button. The door is now open, allowing you to enter the ant hill.

This is an easy maze too. You can pull the plug on the old TV to make it shut up. When you get through, you can push the log to get back faster. Like a checkpoint, pretty much. Continue right until you get to the green thing. It’s a grasshopper and he wants a flax seed to let you pass. Check your bag, it should be glowing. No? You must have been distracted by that unicorn. Better go get it! From here on, flax will be the key to getting further. Give the grasshopper the flax and continue to the next room.

This is a puzzle room. Basically, you have to grill the burger. So push it on the grill. Then take the path under the table to go down and push the red button to activate the igniter. Make your way around, past the grill and into the next tunnels. Make your way down to the fire. Catch yourself on fire. Now quickly fly to the wood to ignite it! When the plant grows you will notice something growing on it. The next flax! Take it to the right and give it to the grumpy grasshopper.

Down to the railroad. You got this.

Past the drunk. Check the back of the train car for the next flax. Give it to the grasshopper ahead, and then it’s decision time!

I love this part. Choose either path. It makes no difference. Except to you. Basically, the green side compliments you, and the red side insults you. Your call…

Keep going…Ooh, creepy.

Go to the right until you see the grasshopper and can go down to the dingy laundry room under the cave. Knock the bottle of detergent over to start a chain reaction! Push the log to go back into the cave, then go up and right again to get to the grasshopper. Give him his seed.

Not So Little Caves Anymore

What a weird machine? What does it mean? (honestly I have no idea. Any thoughts?)

Once you're in the chasm with the boulder blocking the top, head down and to the left, be sure to grab the two flax seeds as you go. Follow the path down and check out the Ant Resistance Headquarters. When you’re ready, go down the funnel, through the next little cave (hint: use the waterfall!) to the right and check out the dragon.

This guy can’t breathe fire any more. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fuse and dynamite we saw earlier?

Proceed down until Hank suggests you take a break to relax and reflect. Consider it yourself, if you’ve been playing this whole time.

When you come back, go down and into the green crystal cave.  

Proceed left, and just past the phone to take the outer path through this cave. Follow the path downwards, and check out this house down here! You can’t get in yet, but there are clearly five flax seeds inside. Just above the house is the next path. Follow it until you see the pyramids. Take the path to the urns. The fifth urn has the Ointment, the forth urn contains a hidden path. Enter the pyramids and collect all three flax!

Backtrack to the first log you see, push it and return to the green caves. Just up and to the right to the dragon. Approach his throat and use the ointment from your bag.


Good thing you can’t die, huh?

Catch yourself on fire and fly to the left to light the fuse and watch the fireworks!

The path back is below you. Take it back to the AntHQ and then to the large rocket tunnel.

Go up the tunnel, towards daylight. Near the top, there is a path to a shrimp and an orca whale in tanks. The whale looks like he’s in trouble. To be sure you can help later, push the paddle above them so that the path above you is clear for a fly to fly through. Go up and around, past the duck and eel, to push the TV and open the  plumbing. Fly through sludge like a hero and save the whale! (Getting a flax along the way, of course).

Return to the rocket tunnel and continue down.

Take the long grey path to the right. Follow it around to the entrance to the Carnival of Misfit Mazes! Give the guy a flax and you’re in! This is a really challenging set of mazes. The first maze is actually the easy one, in spite of how it looks. The next challenge is finding your way in the pitch black. The only tips I can give you are to try every direction possible and the last path goes through the last big white “?”  Enjoy your cryptic poem! Don’t forget to grab the flax seed!

Take victory lane out of the carnival, and take the path down, into the pink crystal cave.

The path through here continues via the top left side of this cave and then spirals in on itself several times. Work your way down through and down until you meet someone green and new.


Don’t be afraid! Fly into his mouth and get the flax in his brain.

Head left until you see multiple stream of blue water pouring down. Enter the rightmost stream (the one with the two triangles by it) Take the water path down, and Hank will warn against it, but go ahead anyways… into hell!

This maze is tricky because the paths can be pretty dim, but work at it and make your way down to the lava pit. Enter the lava and continue left until you return to dark paths. This is the final leg! Get to the backdoor of the house and you’ve done it! But… wait…


Grab the flax and head out the front door.

Go upwards and make a right at the log in the green cave, head up and left until you see a single path through the earth. Take it right back to the ants. Put all your seeds in the reactor to turn the power back on. The guy with the gondola will now hook you up, allowing you to proceed to the next level.

This is something else…

A worm blocks your path… nothing to do but check this place out. Push the two headstones to the right to  open up the paths. Be sure to turn on your sound! The left path brings you to your clue and the right path takes you to a kind of piano. Fly to each of the colored notes in the order they appear on the crystal plants to play a sad song that will chase away the worm. Back to the gondola!

We’re here. But here is where, again?

Weird. You’re outside again. Go down the lighthouse, down into the water, past the inn, and down to the strange fly by the stone circle with a flax in the center. Get the flax, and take it back to the innkeep to sleep.

When you wake, the clouds will be gone and you can explore the night sky.

Watch for a shooting star that occur periodically. Get hit by it to catch on fire! Let’s see… what’s burnable around here? How about that coniferous plastic tree?

Take your newfound path through the murky depths of the dark crystal swamp. This maze is no harder than the rest, but I think it’s the prettiest. Take a rest in the sleeping bag, or continue on to the professor’s lab.

The doc will tell you how to fix the lighthouse. Looks like you just need an irradiated flax, which means you just need a fly-sized radiation suit. Simple! The game gives you a big hint about where to go next, so follow it to the flea market.

Not these chodes! Billy and Jay are here, looking for games, but radiation suits are collectable too, apparently. They’ll hold the suit hostage until you explore the video game landfill and bring them back the rare purple game. Once you’ve done that, pick up the radiation suit and head back to the lab, via the left tunnel.

Enter the reactor, grab the irradiated flax and return to the doc. You’ll ditch the suit along the way, like magic! Use can use whatever item you want, but the one that does something useful here is the irradiated flax.

Now you just need to take a nap. You have two choices. You can remember at least one bed, can’t you?

Watch the cutscene, then return to the lighthouse and fly into the night sky. When you see something flying around, that you can’t quite identify, fly into it. You’ll get a clue…

Can you figure it out? Stones… circles…

Fly under the lighthouse and take the path right past Hamburger Junction, over the inn, then down to the stone circle from before. Enter the center to enter the next level.

The Final Challenge

This you’re just going to have to experience. The spaceship isn’t a complex maze, but it is a thing to behold. Coffee, drum kit, body-snatcher pods, tube, sprockets, bells whistles, it just keeps going. And I must say that this game has to be the only video game in the world to feature George Nori. Don’t worry about the ship blowing up. It won’t. You’ll see why soon.

When you get to the end. You’ll meet mother brain. pretty much, and they don’t like visitors. Convince them you’re an alright fly by aligning the lenses to center on the laser, then proceed with laser-drilling to the end of the game.

Fly past the ominous paintings of grasshopper royalty until the King reveals himself! Watch out! He’s got apples!

The Royal Flax is the seed of his power, and the Grasshopper King wears it proudly on his crown. 

Dodge the apple barrage and slip the flax from its setting.

Look! His power is gone! He is king no more!

The royal guard is relieved. He was sick of following that guy’s orders! Present him with the Royal Flax to make him the new king, and grant him the authority to free the princess!

Well… what are you waiting for? Go to her, you’ve won the game!

Now sit back, enjoy some techno, and get ready for the best part of the game.

A New Quest

Start playing again and you’ll see something’s different. We haven’t quite restarted, and your door isn’t boarded up. The world is yours to explore again. No objective is obvious at first, but there is definitely more game here to be played.

The squirrel knows all.